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As election season looms over us and everyone is gearing up for a contemptuous run for the presidency, now, more than ever, it’s time to sit back, relax and laugh out loud fondly reminiscing better days during the spirited 44 THE unOFFICIAL, unSANCTIONED OBAMA MUSICAL currently in office at The Bourbon Room.

Told through the hazy recollection of Joe Biden, 44 is described as a melting pot of music that touches on the highs and lows of the Obama era. Standout songs include Sarah Palin scream-singing “Drill Me Baby” ala Ozzy Osbourne, President Obama crooning “How Black Is Too Black?” over a smooth Motown groove, and of course, “Filibusters,” a hardcore hip-hp jam where Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz rap “Green Eggs and Ham” in its entirety.

This is the story of Barack Obama that you won't read about in history books—because history books are now banned in most states.

The vision of writer/director/composer Eli Bauman (son of Sha Na Na personality Jon “Bowzer” Bauman who also co-wrote some songs in 44), the idea for the show was born as the Trump era began.

“I thought back to my time working on the Obama 08 campaign,” Bauman recalls. “I knocked on thousands of doors, registered hundreds of voters, and was invited inside the home of an undecided voter to partake in an afternoon orgy. I politely declined, but did convince the entire orgy to vote for Obama. But most of all, I was inspired - inspired to do more, to do better, to believe in something. Then eight short years later, wondering how everything had so quickly gone down the toilet, I reached inside the bowl and found inspiration again. If any buffoon with zero qualifications can become President, then why couldn't I, also a buffoon with zero qualifications, write my first Musical? Sure, I was a 34-year-old who hadn't written a song since high-school, and who didn't know how to play an instrument, and who couldn't read a line of music... but why shouldn't I hope for a change? So, I figured, fuck it. Four years and fifty songs later, I had my first full draft of 44.”

Returning for an unconstitutional third term at the Bourbon Room, Bauman is excited for audiences to take in the show’s dynamic performances.

“I am delighted to be re-electing this incredibly talented cast, starting with T.J. Wilkins as Barack Obama, and Shanice—a woman who requires only one name—as First Lady Michelle. So, bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your aunties, for an epic night of music, comedy, and chaos that will have you singing, laughing, and groovin’ in your seats.”

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better show to watch and have an uproarious good time to. Audience members laughed, howled and danced. It’s a fun, fun, fun night out filled with good music, incredible performances and a smart and terrific story.

44 - The unOFFICIAL, unSANCTIONED OBAMA MUSICAL plays at The Bourbon Room Hollywood, located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd. The musical will play through November 18. All performances start at 7pm. Note: A $25 minimum spend per person for food and/or drink is required in addition to the ticket purchase.


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