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Recent winner of Sabor Latino, San Diegan Chef Javier Caro shared some of his thoughts on his success in creating the 3rd place winning Duck Confit taco and what it takes to run 4 properties.

 Sabor Latino just completed its 2024 event and draws the region’s best chefs of Latin-influenced culinary delights. Coordinated by Pilar Kuri of Mexico gourmet Sabor Latino has the pulse of Baja gastronomy on display in San Diego!

Chef Caro draws you in by his energy and fantastic name! With no hidden Mexican cousins confirmed full disclosure the shared last name might make me biased.  His winning dish of duck confit soft tacos shows his enjoyment of working with this protein. The note of citrus within the duck in a freshly made tortilla is expounded upon when he describes the duck Tostada he offers in his restaurant. There he tops the duck with chicharrón made from the duck skin then I fell into a trance as he described the rest by the end Javier and I were both hungry! Head south for the experience!

Chef Caro’s focus on excellence is born out of a true love of flavor. The Traditional methods used in preparing French and Asian cuisines are married to the flavors of Mexico. This has proved a winning combo since his first restaurant La JustinaTJ over a decade ago and where he still works on new recipes.


“The work is hard but I love it and when you love it’s all worth it!” says Chef Caro. It’s not about the success that drives Chef Caro it’s more about the passion and the desire to get better. “It’s not just in the kitchen but in life,” said the Chef He related that failure is part of the learning process and defines your passions. Chef Javier Caro directs operations for Faustine, La Justina Tijuana, La Justina Valle, and Oja Valle.


Food tourism is starting to recover after a big decrease during covid. Tijuana is enjoying a slow resurgence of food-curious touristas and it’s improving local economies hit by the pandemic. There are differing options to experience Mexico close to the border. One show that is taking the mystique out of border towns and beyond is Crossingsouth Travel Show. The show recently filmed Javier at his Valle de Guadalupe property. The segment is in the edit phase and will be available later this year.

Be sure to inform yourself of the great experiences that are availed to you across the border. Knowledge is power.

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francisco calderon
francisco calderon
30 באפר׳

What a great interview, thanks for your time .... long cousin.. but not for the last name but for the passion for food...


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