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L.A. Dine-N-Club

From the desk of Jose Martinez…


Welcome to, the leading authority on L.A. Culture. 

You may say that’s a bold statement to make but we’re aiming high to benefit your ultimate L.A. experience, from fine dining to foodie faves, to our favorite local bars to what performances to see and what movie is a not-to-miss and which is a wait for video. In a city so vast and spread out, it is our mission to spotlight events and points of interest that locals and visitors will consider a must.

Always the one to organize outings for friends and family, while always looking to make it a good and unique time, I decided to up it up a notch and offer picks & pans to anyone who truly appreciates L.A. as much as I do. 

An Entertainment Journalist since 1995, I’ve covered the biggest names in film, music and sports, and I consider myself a tastemaker with my finger on the pulse of the city, and I, along with my top-notch staff of writers, wish to spotlight the best of celebrity culture, sports, film, club events, concerts, health & fitness, and dining for you to enjoy. Believe me, we’re not looking to review the cool events we can get into; we want to preview the ones that you can personally enjoy.

Believing we truly live in the world’s most exciting city, from our world champion L.A. Lakers to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to our lovely, sunny beaches, we feel it is our responsibility to represent our town as best as we can. will strive to bring the red carpet experience to you. 

Please offer us your comments and suggestions as I truly believe together, we can help build the best and most definitive Los Angeles site possible. 

So check us out, enjoy, and get your SoCal experience on now at 

Thanks for visiting,

Jose Martinez


Founders & Managed By: Alfred Perez & Jose Martinez
Other Contributors: Mike Caro

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