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Updated: May 20

Melrose Avenue is a hipster haven for the chic crowd but it’s a pretty barren landscape when it comes to quality handcraft cocktails—other than Melrose Umbrella Co. of course.  But the new Moon Room is shining bright these days in the former Bathtub Gin space.


From well known nightlife proprietor Jared Meisler (Bar Lubitsch, The Roger Room) comes The Moon Room looking to class up Melrose Ave with its baby grand piano and spinning disco ball and, most importantly, well-crafted and refined cocktails.

Libations in the forward-thinking cocktail menu include the Orion with spiced cocoa and camel milk with aged tequila and mezcal in a smoky, slightly creamy drink that is reminiscent of a malted milkshake.


But before we get too deep into the cocktail menu, I recommend starting your night out with the Lynx Martini—a mighty mix of gin, Bianco and dry vermouth, Za’atar oil wash, pistachio, and orange blossom. For anyone not in the know, Za’atar is a spice mixture that includes toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, often salt, and other spices. It was a new one to me. But the mixture lends itself to a fab martini. The pistachio and the orange blossom round out the taste from getting medicinal leaving you with a very pleasing drink.

If you prefer your cocktails more on the brown side—think more OId Fashioned—then go for the Pegasus made with bourbon, date, amaro, and black walnut bitters, or the Draco with dark rum, Rhum Agricole, creole shrub, Cocchi Di Torino, and Manzanilla sherry. Both will get your night off to a festive start.


Fans of a spicy margarita should get to know the Andromeda made with reposado tequila, mint, cilantro, jalapeño, pineapple, chartreuse, and habanero. It’s not quite my thing but it is a very popular cocktail.


If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, get acquainted with the aforementioned Orion as well as the Selene made with Zubrowka Vodka, St. Germain, cinnamon, apple, Angostura, and lemon. While I’m not a big fan of sweet drinks, I will admit that I do like a good liquid dessert and the Selene was very pleasing. I wouldn’t want more than one during a night out and it would have to be towards the end of the evening but it is a delicious drink.


The menu also features beer and wine and non-alcoholic options, and a snack menu that includes assorted olives, wasabi peas, spicy pepitas, salami with Stone Ground Mustard, and Kettle Chips.


The setting at The Moon Room is chic with its baby grand piano, which often features live music during the earlier part of the evening, before DJ and the disco ball get cranking.


Some nights an impromptu standup comedy show can take place or a singalong piano concert can take over. Or it can get clubby and a packed dancefloor will be what it’s all about. But the cocktails will always be legit and crowd pleasin’—on or off the menu. You’ll be in good hands at The Moon Room.


The Moon Room is located at 7174 Melrose Avenue. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 8pm to close.


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