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Recently I had the pleasure of tasting several wines from Portugal at Madeira Wine Experience Los Angeles. For anyone unfamiliar with Madeira, it is fortified wine from the island of Madeira in Portugal. Ranging from dry to sweet, this wine can be enjoyed on its own, paired with food or mixed in a cocktail.


The posh event was held at the swanky Maybourne Beverly Hills. And let me tell you, if you ever get invited or can attend an event at The Maybourne, go! The food at the event was incredible and provided a fantastic way to pair the wine with different types of food to really get a sense of how versatile Madeira can be.

Sommelier and Wines of Portugal brand ambassador Eugénio Jardim led a tasting of five styles of Madeira paired with different bites to showcase the exciting versatility of Madeira.


While often served as an aperitif or dessert, Madeira wines are a perfect modifying ingredient in cocktails. And Camron Robertson, General Manager of Thunderbolt LA, was up to the challenge and demonstrated how Madeira’s well-rounded flavor profile, and balanced level of sweetness and acidity, can enhance a range of cocktails. His wine-based Negroni riff was lovely.



Kudos to Please The Palate for putting on such a fab event—both fun and educational. The wines were interesting (some better than others), the cocktails were bold and delightful, and the food was fantastic.

Story by: Jose Martinez

Photography by: @eugeneshoots 


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