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I’ll admit it, sometimes I fall victim to advertising. You see enough commercials about something and the next thing you know you have an uncontrollable craving. That happened recently to me with Del Taco’s new Birria menu offerings.


I’m not a frequent Del Taco diner, as there really aren’t that many around me, but on a recent night out in East Hollywood, I actually looked to see if there were any in the area. And there was one a block away from where I would be. So that meant it was going to be Birria Night. I tried the Birria Street Tacos; Birrian Ramen; and the Birria Quesadilla. Those commercials really did a number on me.

I am a fan of birria and I do know where to get good birria in L.A. but I just had to give these a try as my curiosity got the better of me. And to my surprise, these special menu items were pretty good. There’s no goat here, as these items are made with shredded beef, but the beef consomé, which comes on the side with the tacos and quesadilla, is a nice touch and really elevates the taste and experience.


The birria street tacos come two per order and include cheddar cheese, melted between two grilled corn tortillas, topped with diced onions and chopped cilantro. They are served with two fresh-cut lime wedges and a side of flavorful consomé for dipping. Tasty for sure.

I was skeptical about the Birria Ramen but guess what? I was won over! A hearty serving of signature beef broth consomé with fresh wavy ramen noodles, tender and savory birria-style shredded beef topped with diced onions and chopped cilantro, and a fresh-cut lime wedge, this proved to be cool comfort food. Got a buzz? You will love this. Stone cold sober? You’ll still dig on this. I would definitely have this again.

The Shredded Beef Birria Quesadilla with fresh-house grated cheddar cheese and tangy green sauce didn’t wow me. This one is what I expected and, frankly, it’s skippable.


I don’t know if I’ll become a Del Taco regular—doubtful—but I am curious to try their three Snack Tacos for $1.99 every Tuesday from 3pm-11pm as I indulge in another tasty Birria Ramen. Oh yeah, that will definitely happen.

Story By: Jose Martinez


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