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  • Michael Caro


     The artist hub is where artists and the movie going public mingled during this year’s San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF) 2024. The space is used for interviews with actors and directors as well as a venue to display static art with a musical stage out front for live performances. At times the art reflected themes of movies being shown.

Jorge R. Gutierrez creator/ director of" The Book of life” at SDLFF 2024

Melody De Los Cobos curator of Art for the San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF) 2024 is a working artist and is the artistic director of, She makes the time to create the space for the showing of local and widely known visual and 3d artists. With help of co curator Andy Gonzales who curates the offsite galleries. The musical director Saul Silva keeps the lineup on the musical stage fresh for the run of the festival. The SDLFF Arte Latino showcase   is a unique insight into emerging and established talent that provokes and challenges ones expectations. Showcasing artisans using crafts and pottery as well as visual and audio artists are given the space to express at the Hub and other locations. The Hub is also the central point for the SDLFF audience to get info and tickets to the festival. The entry area of the hub is where I saw Broken Warrior by Mike Kim. This painting gave me pause. The conquistador character with accents that draw you in is a bit haunting. I felt more than I saw and had to reach out to the artist about his inspiration. “It’s about being your own worst enemy and toxic masculinity” replied Mike, no wonder I am touched by it, my Freudian slip is showing! This and other treats were on display by the featured artists.  

Broken Warrior by Mike Kim

Cheech rendering by Esmeralda Robles




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