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In exciting Pasadena foodie news, AbilityFirst has announced that the 50th Annual AbilityFirst Food & Wine Festival will take place on Sunday, June 9 and to celebrate this milestone, the event will take place at a new location: The Urquhart Residence in South Pasadena.

The AbilityFirst Food & Wine Festival is a landmark outdoor event renowned for its gourmet food and beverage tastings where guests have the opportunity to indulge in culinary delights presented by a diverse array of top local restaurants, cocktail bars, breweries, and vintners. As AbilityFirst marks this special anniversary, this year’s festival promises an evening filled with exquisite flavors, entertainment, and a vibrant celebration of AbilityFirst's mission.

For 98 years, AbilityFirst has been at the forefront of providing person-centered programs to empower individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. These programs guide individuals through each life transition, fostering social connections, independence, and providing essential employment preparation, training, and experience.

Proceeds from this year’s AbilityFirst Food & Wine Festival will directly benefit AbilityFirst's programs which help an individual successfully transition from childhood to adult life; providing employment preparation, training, and experience; build social connections and independence; and offer participants and their caregivers an opportunity to refresh and recharge through recreational activities. AbilityFirst’s person-centered programs empower individuals to discover what is important to them in their lives, and to develop the skills that are important for them to achieve their goals.

Over the past several years, this has become one of my favorite events of the year. There’s wonderful food and drink enjoyed in a wonderous outdoor setting. It’s fun, it’s festive and it benefits a truly outstanding organization.

The 50th Annual AbilityFirst Food & Wine Festival will take place on Sunday, June 9 from 5pm to 8pm at the Urquhart Residence in South Pasadena. 




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