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Trainer Nicky Holender, a former professional soccer player including a stint with the Los Angeles Galaxy, is making a name for himself around town as the ‘in demand’ personal/fitness trainer catering to an elite clientele of celebrity and professional athletes.

Having worked out reality star and Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson on an upcoming DVD (no sex involved), Nicky helped the beautiful blonde shed nearly 50lbs after her recent pregnancy. Other well known clients include musician Mel B of the Spice Girls; Chris Harrison, host of “The Bachelor”; and “Dancing with the Stars” and “Brothers and Sisters” actor Gilles Marini.

nicky holender trainer celebrities

At 29, the former professional athlete turned trainer employs unique cross training and sports methods among his techniques. Having worked out with Nicky, or having Nicky work me out to be more precise, I can honestly testify that he does get the most out of you as I was reminded of our training session for days after with burning shoulder blades. As they say, no pain, no gain.

A certified professional trainer for five years, the outgoing London native incorporates his own style using his professional sports background and creates a dynamic and challenging workout session based on a cardio-circuit system that will keep your heart rate elevated at all times.

“Every exercise I give somebody,” the trainer explains, “they have to be able to support their own body weight while they’re doing it, that means on the [Swiss] ball, or jumping. You have to be able to support and stabilize your own spine when you’re doing it. That way, we’re not creating any imbalances in your muscles. I want everyone to leave structurally strong.”

Not a proponent of your standard ‘gym workout,’ Nicky’s sessions center on the client’s needs and they can take place at home, on-set, or, as in my case, at a Santa Monica park overlooking the ocean.

“We can train anywhere we want,” Holender points out. “All we need is a stability ball, mat, dumbbells, resistant band and gloves for boxing. It’s all about functional movements. I can do a training session with somebody without any equipment.”

Nicky also provides a nutrition plan as part of his services, which he notes is they key in getting healthy and fit.

“Everybody has to understand, it’s one thing to train and get in shape, and it’s another thing to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, there’s a very simple equation and it’s the law of thermal dynamics that states if you want to lose weight you have to put less calories into your body and extend more energy. If the calories going into your body, and it doesn’t matter what calories they are, fat, protein, carbs, it makes no difference, if the calories going into your body are more than the energy expenditure, you will gain weight. There’s no way around. I always say, you can eat chocolate ice cream all day and still lose weight so long as the chocolate ice cream you’re eating has fewer calories than the energy you’re expending.”

A former pop star signed to a Scandinavian record label, billed as Scenic, Nicky was also one of the lead actors in Green Street Hooligans 2 and is currently developing a stretch band with Mel B targeting the butt and glutes.

“It’s a simple piece of exercise equipment targeted at the booty for women,” he states.

The male version will be coming out later.

As seen on the “Kendra” reality program on E!, Nicky made the lovely model work hard and the results are impressive. Their upcoming DVD (available mid July), the first in a series, should be a good tool for anyone looking to get back in shape.

“I made her workout and she burnt a lot of calories and we were careful about the amount of food she ate,” Nicky notes of his training with Kendra. “She ate whatever she wanted, all the foods she likes; we just had to make sure the amount was right.

nicky holender trainer celebrities

“The first DVD coming out is a sports cardio routine to get back in shape,” the trainer continues. “We came up with a routine where you don’t need any equipment. We took five sports, soccer, basketball, kickboxing, track and field, and football, and made a 5-minute cardio routine for each sport. And as you get stronger you just add more reps. It’s a fun workout. It's a 48-minute cardio workout that keeps the heart rate elevated at all times and burns calories.”

The second DVD, which will come out at the end of summer, will focus on toning, as well as target the booty, abs and the back. “This one is a little slower and uses stronger muscle contractions and is more about building and toning the muscles.”

Creating a unique and personalized workout for every client, Holender, who admits his ‘average Joe’ rates are flexible depending on the intensity and frequency of the sessions, as well as the client’s realistic goals, has been results-oriented all his life, and now, his clients are reaping the benefits.


nicky holender trainer celebrities

nicky holender trainer celebrities

nicky holender trainer celebrities



All Photos courtesy of Nicky Holender



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